14 September 2005

Call me Mike…TeeVee

Once I can determine which shows will stick in my rotation, I'm sure the viewing time will drop dramatically, but right now I feel like a junkie. Or I guess, just a typical American. Don't we watch an average of 4 hours a day? If I don't watch out, I'll be right on track.

Anyway, this week's thoughts:

Prison Break - I'm giving it one more week. There's no hook and no excitement. Not to mention that the whole thing is beyond contrived. Anyway, this week's episode came in at a solid C+, par for the course.

Gilmore Girls - only caught a few minutes of the premiere but I've got it taped. From what I saw, Rori continues her slide into utter unlikability and Luke and Lorelai argue pointlessly a lot. I've got high hopes, but then again, I'm (apparently) a 14-year-old girl. More thoughts after I catch the whole thing.

Other than that, I did manage to see bits and pieces of Encino Man over the weekend. I think they were running it continuously on TNT (surprise, surprise). Anyway, my pal Speed and I probably watched that movie 75 times in high school and I still love it. I've gotta say that Brendan Fraser bottomed out once he started accepting roles that includes more than five lines (with words exceeding 2 syllables). He's fantastic as the hotshot caveman who wins over the school and saves the day. And Samwise Gamgee gets the girl. You know you're dealing with a classic when the final PROM scene involves a caveman-inspired line dance. Wow.

09 September 2005

And so it begins…

You could say that the Fall TV season unofficially officially began last night. While a couple shows have already started their run (Prison Break), the season premiere of the OC pretty much signals that it's time to start weeding through the garbage and pick a winner or two.

Here's my breakdown, quick-like.

New Shows I'm Excited About:

Uhmmmm…nothing really. Prison Break has been fairly mediocre and last night's premiere of Reunion was downright pitiful. If you're going to set an episode in 1986, your main characters shouldn't be sporting hairdos from 2005. Honestly. One fella even had a faux-hawk. And no one used the word "rad." A complete swing and miss.

Returning Shows I Wish Started Tonight:

LOST - duh.

The Office - as a massive fan of the British version, I never thought I'd accept the NBC attempt. But I caught some episodes over the summer and who knew…? They were hilarious. Newsflash! Steve Carell is funny! This show's gonna be a hit!

24 - but not 'til January.

the OC - yeah, so it was last night, but there's always something charming about this semi-guilty pleasure. Blah blah blah. If you really want to read about the OC, check this out. A startling, day-long back-and-forth between ESPN.com's Bill Simmons and Josh Schwartz (creator/writer/producer of the OC).

Gilmore Girls - I can't believe I actually just typed that. I'd better not say any more.

ALIAS - mainly so that I can make my final decision to shut the show down. Word is a couple younger agents will be taking over for Miss Bristow and that J-Garn's pregnancy will be written into the show. Ugh. Yuk. Gross. How did this happen? And Ben Affleck is the father? Really? I will now remove my fingernails and plunge my hands into a vat of lemon juice.

Arrested Development - no kidding?


Grades on last night's shows:

the OC = solid B

Reunion = D+

Maybe I'll do something like this every week. Maybe. I mean it's only been like 6 weeks since my last post. Yikes.