28 November 2006

For Your FYI

Since it appears best to wipe the slate clean with my EZ Archive account, all the links to downloads (songs and videos) will be going dead. If there was anything you wanted to grab, try and do so by Thursday. After that, the odds of my posting something new will increase dramatically. How's that for an uncommitted, hedged-bet promise?

Have You Given Up On Me?

Because I might be trying to decide if I have...

10 November 2006

Don't Blame Me.

I've been mocked endlessly for my Sufjan Stevens man-crush. But watch this. He's a genius. I remarked to Kate the other day that if I had any actual talent, this is what I'd be doing... wearing bird outfits, crafting an album for each of the 50 states, dressing up as an Illinoisemaker, playing the banjo, tossing inflatable Santas and Supermen to the masses at the Gorge.

Watch more clips from the Austin City Limits performance here.

You Have to Watch This.

Seriously. CLICK HERE.

The fact that Babcock found and posted this proves his awesomeness. You hear that? His awesomeness is beyond debate.

07 November 2006

Someday I'll Grow a Drastic A-Line of My Own

Not long ago, d wrote about Seattle. Though he's never lived there, he called it home. And those of you subjected to my presence know that I've got the same sort of feeling about Portland. Lived there for three blessed years. Hope to be headed permanently back at some point. For now, a weekend jaunt on the first weekend in December will have to do the trick.

I've done something crazy. For an unknown reason, I've ended up with tix to see Bloc Party open for Panic! At The Disco! (what gives with the exclamation points? just one of the many reasons I hate them...). Yeah, that's right, I'm traveling all the way to Portland to see Bloc Party play a 45-minute set and then likely walk out the door before the headliner takes the stage. I understand the idiocy. But something about witnessing the powerfully drastic a-line haircuts of the Bloc Party-ers in a northwestern setting was more than I could pass up.

I'm sure it's just that more than two years have passed since I've walked downtown Portland. Two years since my last Moonstruck chocolate milkshake. Two years since my last visit to Powell's. Two years since my last rock-shrimp-and-brie-stuffed salmon dinner at Jake's (I'd better start saving up for that one now...). Two years is too long.

Anyway to celebrate the return to the northwest, watch this: Bloc Party. Piles of leaves. Crazy camera angles. Lots of wonderfully drastic a-lines.

(Sorry for the YouTube only. I'm just finally getting settled with the new version of EZ Archive. Real downloads as soon as I get it all figured out.)

01 November 2006

I said it. I meant it.

While discussing the fact that a young fringe-hipster (roommate of my sister) had linked to this here blog, I commented, "It's no big deal. Hipsters don't read old people blogs." I really don't think they do. Hipsters only read hipster blogs. Otherwise, they wouldn't be hipsters.

(Basically I had to post something to break the eerie Post-Halloween silence. Something real is coming soon. Surely.)