18 April 2007

If You Need A Reminder...

The Lovely Leslie Feist's new album on Arts & Crafts (The Reminder) hits the street on May 1. Everything I've heard is, well, wonderful. Kate has the whole thing and says it's absolutely mesmerizing. I've promised to abstain from listening until the official drop date... but I've caved on similar commitments. And I have a feeling that each viewing of this video decreases the odds that I'll actually wait it out.

Also, I was talking with D the other day and we're both fairly certain that Feist is the type of girl that wouldn't exactly spin your head as she walked down the street, but the second she started humming a tune (or - heaven help us! - singing and prancing about), she'd become the sort of girl you follow home and stalk for the next six months. Not that I'd ever do anything of the sort...

13 April 2007

I Can't Stop Thinking About This

The National Join Arcade Fire for U.S. Dates

But I probably should. I just can't help but hate people who live on the East coast (or, well, not in Utah)... lu-uh-cky.

Unplug Your Ears

Apparently I'm all about cause-related movements these days, what with Cinco de Mustache spreading across the land. "What now?" you ask... Well...

Like most corporate, cubicled workplaces, the place I spend my 9-to-5 is a place of headphones. Whether it's out of courtesy or a curmudgeonly desire for solitude, everyone rocks their iTunes about as noiselessly as possible. And I'm typically cool with that. We all know that I've go no desire to hear so-and-so get happy to Broadway show tunes...

However, I'm tired of headphones. I'm tired of earbuds. I'm ready for music that invades the atmosphere. I want to keep upping the volume.
So, about a month ago, I initiated No Headphones Friday. Armed with just a simple set of $30 speakers gifted to me at the Christmas holiday, I've launched an assault on solitude. I take requests (and sometimes even honor them). I'm the DJ of cubelandia. And everyone loves it. No joke. We're all quietly dying for a collective listening experience. It makes us happy. It'll make you happy. Try it out. That crazy half-German fellow sitting on the other side of the partition might just love you for it.

12 April 2007

It's a Cause-Related Movement

Creent got it all started. And you can read about it over at D's place. But all you really need to know is this: Growing season is upon us and you've still got three weeks to put your best facial follicles forward. So join up. ¡Pronto!

03 April 2007

Hey Papa! Did You Bring Me A Prize?

When your dad goes to Mexico for a couple days, nothing quite says, "I missed you, son" like a handful of Mexican candy and a lucha libre mask (with attached cape!).

Being four years old must rule.