05 January 2009

Okay Then, Let's Do This

Enough hints and nods and ambiguous suggestions.

The new UPTO12.com is live. It really is.

Hopefully there's enough content there to keep you busy for a while. I'm probably a little more proud of it than I should be. There's a listening station where I'll feature my favorite tracks, a screening room to check out music videos and a central blahg that'll cover any range of subjects. This is a good thing. I'm excited. I hope you'll tolerate some of the bumps along the way. There's a little wonkiness in Firefox and I have no idea what it looks like in IE. (If you're using Internet Explorer, please please please stop. Just stop. Changing browsers will actually make the world a better place.)

The launch of the new UPTO12 universe does mean, however, that I won't be updating this cyberspace any more. I'll keep it live in case you're feeling nostalgic. And if you're still checking here... thank you. Seriously. It means a ton. More than you know.

Happy New Year.


03 January 2009

"Guest Contributor"

So I finally had to take Kyality to task for his over-the-top Coldplay love. Just couldn't handle all the gushing any more. Slide on over to see what I had to say. It's way too long and probably not worth reading, but he'll love to see an extra three or four blibs on the Google analytics.

Big announcement coming in the next couple days. Seriously.

01 January 2009


There's something on the horizon, but you know better than to trust me. Until I can deliver on a promise (?) that vague, visit Kyality. He craves the traffic and there are good odds that I'll be doing a little guest blahgging over in that next of the woods (got to set him straight about a few things). Anyway, if you're reading this, thanks for not giving up on me completely. Talk to you soon...