27 December 2007

The Best Movie I've Seen In A Long Long While

For three months, "Once" played at the Broadway Theatre here in SLC. For three months, I promised to go see it. But I'm lazy and I live in the suburbs (a deadly combination). It took a DVD rental for me to finally experience the best movie of the year.
I'll spare you the long-winded review and leave it at this: "Once" is the most straightforward, honest and precise storytelling I've seen in a while and it knocked me back a step or two. There are no unnecessary complications, no you're-not-gonna-believe-this twists. Just a story about two people and the music they create.

"Once" also raises the continual ridiculousness of the MPAA. It is a moral and upstanding film that somehow merits an "R" rating because of a handful of under-spoken obscenities (in heavy Irish accents, no less... somehow Irish accents soften expletives...). If you can convince me that a movie like "Once" is somehow more offensive than the latest Will Ferrell / Ben Stiller / Jim Carrey crapfest (all rated a kid-friendly PG-13), I'd like to hear your argument.

On that sour note, "Once" is brilliant. If you're one of the few music fans on the planet who haven't seen it, stop following my bad example. Watch it today. Seriously.

21 December 2007

And Now My Mind Is Completely Blown

Play this:

The best part? The post-game comments referring to me (and my bell-ringing skill level) as "Quasimodo."

This Is Blowing My Mind

You'd think something like this would be big news, but I just stumbled upon it. Then again, I'm the only person I know without an XBOX360 or PS3 or Wii, so maybe no one else cares.

Yeah, this means I can just play Guitar Hero on my iMac at home (or on my MacBook Pro + Cinema Display at work... hehe...). And for only $80. Do you think Santa's still accepting revised wishlists?

14 December 2007


"Daughtry" is #1 Album of 2007

"I'm tough and sensitive at the same time."

Just when you think there's hope for the world (like Feist appearing on the Today Show... which was weird and random in its own way... seriously, Ann Curry, Al Roker and crew talking about Feist... you just have to watch it), Cousin Rob's favorite dream-rocking artist takes control and reminds us all that there's nothing like a little watered-down, 12th-generation, Creed-loving jock rock to capture the hearts, souls and wallets of America.

At least Beyoncé delivered the #1 single... and you can't really complain about Beyoncé Jr. (Rihanna) flying in at #2, either.