05 May 2005

Temporary means permanent for now.

First things first: Blogs are finished. Over. Is there anything more uncool than starting a blog? And on 05-05-05? It's doubtful. Well…what's done is done and things can only get better from here. Let's not pretend anything great will come of this. Two things will happen--I'll write and my handsome family will pretend to read (if only to avoid my wrath at some future birthday party).

I have no further ambitions. I'm not Seth Godin. I'm not John Darnielle. I'm not BatGirl. And I'm certainly not the inimitable Paul Shirley. I'm just a corporate hack somehow stranded in the borderlands of Salt Lake City. Two steps to the right and I'm lost in the UC (that's Utah County…infinitely more distressing than the sunshine wonderland of Seth Coen's dreams).

So without any ground rules and only a handful of wit, let's spin this record.

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