01 November 2006

I said it. I meant it.

While discussing the fact that a young fringe-hipster (roommate of my sister) had linked to this here blog, I commented, "It's no big deal. Hipsters don't read old people blogs." I really don't think they do. Hipsters only read hipster blogs. Otherwise, they wouldn't be hipsters.

(Basically I had to post something to break the eerie Post-Halloween silence. Something real is coming soon. Surely.)


kate said...

ah ha. you do realize that the second you posted this, stating a "non-hipster" trait, you made that exact trait "hipster", don't you? of course you do. great move. really, it even took me a minute to realize what you were doing. and i'm "fringe".

kyality said...

We've all gotten together and decided that YOU, my friend, are a hipster. And not just any hipster, you are the grandfather hipster of the universe.

Dainon said...

You shall make it safe for old guys the world over to have drastic A-lines and listen to Bloc Party without shame.