15 February 2007


My blog output is inversely related to my travel schedule. You'd think it'd be the other way, right? That traveling would give me more to write about... But you'd be wrong. You'd be dead wrong. And if I had a therapist, he (she?) would certainly say something about my self-destructive blogging tendencies. Something about how I stop writing just to eliminate my audience and reduce the pressure to write a decent word or two on a regular basis. My therapist would be wrong. But probably not dead wrong. Just normal wrong.


heather said...

Hey mustachioed author-genius, I heard a few days ago that the Stranger Than Fiction soundtracks finally came in. So I'm not just full of hot air! You will receive your joyous largesse! Hurrah!

Dainon said...

Now that the movie's on DVD now, eh? Sheesh.