09 March 2007

Why I Love Nick Hornby and Why I'm Convinced That He Knows Me Personally

In his own words (from Fever Pitch):

"I just felt as though I had come off the rails somewhere.

"I had no idea at what point this might have happened. Indeed, I wasn't even sure which rails these were. I had loads of friends, including girlfriends, I was in work, I was in regular contact with all the members of my immediate family, I had suffered no bereavements, I had somewhere to live . . . I was still on all the tracks that I could think of; so what, precisely was the nature of the derailment? All I know is that I felt, inexplicably, unlucky, cursed in some way that would not be immediately apparent to anyone without a job or a lover or a family. I knew myself to be doomed to a life of dissatisfactions: my talents, whatever they were, would go permanently unrecognised..."

I'm sure none of you have ever felt that way. I mean, I haven't... but if I had (or if I did), Mr. Hornby uses just the right words to explain the inexplicable.

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