27 November 2007

The Crown Jewel

Some of you know that I've adopted a daily uniform. Hoodie, Levi's jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. Every single day. Last week, Kyality dropped a tip on the gnarliest hoodie ever invented. It's the capstone, the crown jewel to my already somewhat impressive collection of hooded sweatshirts. So...

I need to find THIS in a Men's L.
If you look closely, the hood zips all the way upto your eyes—it's a built-in ninja mask.

Help me find it. Leave links in the comments or something. Please.


kake said...


or try from the UK on ebay:

like this was supposed to be a challenge or something?

sir mister landlord sir said...

I saw one once at Zumiez made by Ezekiel I think, except it had a Luchador mask. Here are some renditions http://www.blackstork.com/2007/09/11/scum-mexican-mask-zip-up-hoody/
too bad all those ninjas make it look like camo.