27 December 2007

The Best Movie I've Seen In A Long Long While

For three months, "Once" played at the Broadway Theatre here in SLC. For three months, I promised to go see it. But I'm lazy and I live in the suburbs (a deadly combination). It took a DVD rental for me to finally experience the best movie of the year.
I'll spare you the long-winded review and leave it at this: "Once" is the most straightforward, honest and precise storytelling I've seen in a while and it knocked me back a step or two. There are no unnecessary complications, no you're-not-gonna-believe-this twists. Just a story about two people and the music they create.

"Once" also raises the continual ridiculousness of the MPAA. It is a moral and upstanding film that somehow merits an "R" rating because of a handful of under-spoken obscenities (in heavy Irish accents, no less... somehow Irish accents soften expletives...). If you can convince me that a movie like "Once" is somehow more offensive than the latest Will Ferrell / Ben Stiller / Jim Carrey crapfest (all rated a kid-friendly PG-13), I'd like to hear your argument.

On that sour note, "Once" is brilliant. If you're one of the few music fans on the planet who haven't seen it, stop following my bad example. Watch it today. Seriously.


kake said...

bout time.

Dainon. said...

Yeah. Exactly what she said. Except I was gonna add a "damb" between the words. I am rated PG-13.

Dainon. said...

I'm also a horrible proofreader. Sheesh.