25 January 2008

They've Done It Again

I knew there was a video in the works for Black Mirror. I had no idea it would be THIS.

Have fun fiddling with the audio and removing different tracks (drums, vocals, hurdy-gurdy, etc.) to create your own version of the song. Crazy Canucks and their interactive, web-based musical videos... Applause!

UPDATE: This is blowing my mind. A couple killer audio combinations:
  • 1+2+5=just vocals and drums
  • 1+5+6=just vocals and strings
Dig in. Leave your favorite mash-ups in the comments, yeah?

CORRECTION: I should be referring to these mixes as "mash-downs" (thank you, Kyality). And don't forget to hit the spacebar, kids...!

1 comment:

kyality said...

I like switching to straight vocals on the chorus... but wouldn't this whole concept be considered more of a mash-down than a mash-up?