06 December 2006

I'm a Driver. I'm a Winner. Things Are Gonna Change, I Can Feel It.

Much thanks to Heather at I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS and Kevin at SO MUCH SILENCE. Both have provided me with some serious contest winnings.

SO MUCH SILENCE delivered an autographed copy of Calexico's latest, Garden Ruin. My winning accomplishment? Typing a city and date in the subject line of an email.

The FUEL/FRIENDS contest was a touch more demanding. Readers were challenged to come up with a title for their own autobiographies. CLICK HERE and scroll down a post or two to read my winning submission. The loot - a Stranger than Fiction soundtrack and matching mug.



Sherpa said...

Nice mug (the mug, not the photo--although that's nice too) and congrats. How's the soundtrack?

Obvious Expert said...

You're just lucky Dainon didn't submit the real title of his autobiography:

My Rock and My Hard Place: Old People and Gays

He could've taken your mug.

Dainon said...

I just noticed your headline. That's awesome.