14 December 2006

Song of the Season

It's no contest, really. Sufjan Steven's Songs for Christmas — a five-disc masterpiece of traditional, original and otherwise fantastic holiday tracks runs away with the Christmas Album of the Year title. Amy enjoys the Sarah McLachlan offering and D says that the Aimee Mann disc isn't half bad. But just listen to this stunner from Vol. V: Peace and you'll have no doubt that Sister Winter is THE song of the season. Keep hitting "repeat," it's OK...I'll be doing it right along with you. (You can listen right here by "mousing" over the image below and using the controls that pop up near the bottom.)

Download the track at the Asthmatic Kitty site (scroll down and find it on the bottom left under "stuff").


Jonas said...

Like the ghost in the darkness I was hoping never to be caught. I had already maxed out by readership at two(Em and John). However, your willingness to share authors to read is more the price of being exposed.

Dainon said...

I'm playing this song just for you in the morning. You know where.