13 April 2007

Unplug Your Ears

Apparently I'm all about cause-related movements these days, what with Cinco de Mustache spreading across the land. "What now?" you ask... Well...

Like most corporate, cubicled workplaces, the place I spend my 9-to-5 is a place of headphones. Whether it's out of courtesy or a curmudgeonly desire for solitude, everyone rocks their iTunes about as noiselessly as possible. And I'm typically cool with that. We all know that I've go no desire to hear so-and-so get happy to Broadway show tunes...

However, I'm tired of headphones. I'm tired of earbuds. I'm ready for music that invades the atmosphere. I want to keep upping the volume.
So, about a month ago, I initiated No Headphones Friday. Armed with just a simple set of $30 speakers gifted to me at the Christmas holiday, I've launched an assault on solitude. I take requests (and sometimes even honor them). I'm the DJ of cubelandia. And everyone loves it. No joke. We're all quietly dying for a collective listening experience. It makes us happy. It'll make you happy. Try it out. That crazy half-German fellow sitting on the other side of the partition might just love you for it.

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