03 April 2007

Hey Papa! Did You Bring Me A Prize?

When your dad goes to Mexico for a couple days, nothing quite says, "I missed you, son" like a handful of Mexican candy and a lucha libre mask (with attached cape!).

Being four years old must rule.

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emron said...

I'll be in Puebla in 2 weeks, and you just gave me a wonderful idea. I'll still have to buy a couple of little vestidos poblanos for the newcoming nina, but Moises will soon be joining Luke as a jr. tag team partner....I still need to send you that report about the Aterciopelados gig. Let's just say that "it fell on me well, very well."

"te dije no mas...y te cagaste de risa."

I'm still trying to figure out from native speakers if that last bit is as crude as some say it is. If so, my appologies for the electronic second language profanities.