23 July 2007

A Modest Proposal

I'm calling for a Concertutional Ammendment (Did I really just type that? Concertutional? Wow...). It's simple, really. And it will only improve every live music experience you ever have. Here's the proposal:

All opening bands should have to cover one of the headliner's songs. Consider it a warm-up, a bridge to the main act. Something to remind you why you're so excited to be there while you're leaning against a wall hoping that the opener has a couple roadies backstage to help expedite the gear removal process. Think about hearing Malkmus tackle a Radiohead track (he opened for them in 2002 in SLC) or Calexico doing Wilco (2004, Kingsbury Hall) or LCD Soundsystem getting into some Arcade Fire (in 56 days...) or Rilo Kiley doing their best Modest Mouse (in 49 days). The potential is there.

Sound off if you're with me.


kyality said...

Agreed. Let's just say that The Boggs doing a Built to Spill song would definitely have been much better than The Boggs doing a Boggs song.

Jimboborazzala said...

I don't know if I agree completely because I've seen some pretty crappy opening bands. The last thing I would want to see is the Living Things covering Blur or Cowboy Mouth covering Better Than Ezra. On the other hand, seeing Stabbing Westward cover Depeche Mode would have been awesome as would seeing Rage Against the Machine cover U2 (I'm thinking of a possible medley called Killing in the Name of Love)