05 February 2008

I Want My BBC

There are a few reasons I wish I lived in the UK. Among them: the English Premier League, Nick Hornby, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Ricky Gervais. I had no idea, however, that the good ol' BBC (I think the Brits call it "the Beeb," yeah?) would give me another reason to jump the pond. Later With Jools Holland appears to be one of the most radical music-based shows of all time—proven by the celebratory 200th episode featuring Feist, Cat Power, Radiohead, Mary J. Blige, Dionne Warwick and Robyn Hitchcock.

I've seen bits and pieces of other episodes online and, strangely, through Comcast On Demand. But this episode is mind-'sploding. A couple video highlights for your viewing pleasure (all three clips are great, but I'm continually blown away by Thom Yorke and the Radioheads... just amazing musicians and bizarrely charismatic performers):


sir mister landlord sir said...

Do you see yourself as an ex-pat in the next ten years? I do. In my left eye.

Anna said...

I stumbled upon your blog doing a search for Built to Spill (I'm seeing them tomorrow at the Depot) and I'm shocked at how many great videos you have: Radiohead, Feist, Cat Power?! Those are seriously some of my favorite artists. I may have to frequent your blog for more ;)