01 February 2008

A Zero-Media Review

I made it out of the suburbs and into downtown SLC for the French Quarter in-store performance at Slowtrain last night (holy moly... I think there are at least five prepositions in that sentence...). I wanted to take a picture or condense some of the happenings to a QuickTime file, but it just didn't seem right. The crowd was small. The atmosphere was friendly. And I really just didn't feel like being the annoying guy with a camera who couldn't wait to post some multimedia nuggets on his blahg. So I've got nothing for you to enjoy. Nothing but a reminder to go out and support the musicians you admire. Drive a couple miles. Walk through a block or two of slush. Drop a five-dollar bill in the donations box. Remember that most artists still have day jobs—or did before they left on a 12-city tour that doesn't include a single "real" venue.

French Quarter has been playing houses and record stores and bus stops for the past month or so. And it was apparent. They knocked out a 40-minute set, asked for some water and then tried to sell a record or two. The whole situation somehow uplifted and sank my spirits at the same time. Some bands/artists/troubadours deserve better. A custom bus. A hot shower. A night in a motel. A non-truck-stop dinner.

I guess this no-media review is no more than a simple request: If you appreciate a band (or if we want to get big-picture here, if you appreciate anyone), don't miss a chance to let them know. I've no doubt that French Quarter lost money on their tour. They probably have to go back to a cubicle or bookstore or produce department somewhere to gather enough change to make another album. But seeing/meeting/talking to 40 fans in a record store in Utah and another 50 in a house in Oregon just might convince them that it's all worth it.

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