04 April 2008

I Wanted To Hate It

On occasion, the upto12 household simply can't find a babysitter. Last night was one of those occasions. Mrs. upto12 ran through the (figurative) rolodex of neighborhood sitters and came up empty. So, instead of enjoying a nice sit-down meal ("nice" being an extremely relative term) and the romantic comedy of the month (Definitely, Maybe... surprisingly rated in the 70s on Rotten Tomatoes), the Wilson Bros were sent to bed early and Mrs. upto12 grabbed a bag of burgers and fries from local grease pit Ab's. My mission was to rent a suitable replacement for D,M at the RedBox kiosk down the road from upto12 headquarters. Selection was poor, especially in the rom-com category. In fact, there was really only one option:

I wanted to hate it. I really did. But I just couldn't. Catherine Z-Jones (yeah, I just linked to her IMDB in case you didn't know who she was... aws) was decent. Aaron Eckhart's butt-chin was solid and the little girl from a hundred recent movies wasn't even remotely hateable. I must be losing my ability to hate sappy rom-coms... next thing you know I'll be dishing my opinion on 27 Dresses and Fool's Gold. Brace yourselves.

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sir mister landlord sir said...

I came home all full of pizza late Wednesday night and this was on in my home. I think the roommate and girl were liking it because they seemed irritated when I interrupted. And I recognized that chin from your sister's blah.