30 April 2008

Program Your TiVos, Kids

It appears that VH1 (yeah, VH1... I'm dumbfounded, too) will broadcast a Radiohead show filmed in their basement recording studio this weekend. To be exact, it's scheduled for May 3 at midnight. Check your local listings and, if you're anything like me, set your digital video recording devices in case you fall asleep on the couch while trying to pry your eyelids open four hours past your customary bedtime (did I mention that I'm an old man?).

Here's a masterful preview clip of Reckoner—my favorite In Rainbows track. I know I've said it before, but I can't get over what charismatic performers the Radioheads actually are. It's continually mystifying to hear album tracks that may have originally sounded distant or slightly inhuman turned into full-blown, groovy rockers.



milkus said...

Question: How important is the tambourine and little egg shaker thing in modern music?

Answer surmised from video:
Very Important.

I knew I was keeping my alien egg for a reason

upto12 said...

What the? Welcome to the interweb, milkus! Glad to see you around these parts. So glad.

milkus said...

Yeah, I sometimes dabble around the blogosphere when the mood hits. You can check out the Mrs. blog at upcountryviews.blogspot, but it's mostly about babies and feelings, hardly any mention of the important things in the world such as the new x-files movie or if there will be another scrubs season.