26 September 2006

When They Finally Start Putting Microchips In Our Brains

I want this permanently installed on mine:

SMALL UPDATE: I forgot to point out the strange sports coincidence that this 2002 Super Bowl performance took place at the Superdome in New Orleans, the very site of last night's U2 mini-gig.


kate said...

i love him. for lots of reasons. but mostly because i just can't not.

upto12 said...

we're not talking about bono anymore, are we...?

Dainon said...

Pretty friggin amazing ... and I'm not even the flaming U2 fan that you are. And thanks for the update ... I was confused. Bono sports the buzz cut now, y'know?

Josh said...

Hey Matt. I figured I could probably hit you on your own blog instead of having to go back and forth to Doug's. Isn't Doug so squirrelly? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you are not a Cubs fan. After I posted that comment I went back to your SUCK blog and thought to myself, "This doesn't necessarily mean he's a Cubs fan. It might not be a post of sad frustration; it may be a post of triumph. And that'd be sad." So, I wasn't surprised to hear you weren't a Cubs fan. But the Giants? You had to be a Giants fan? First Doug, now you. What do you think of Bonds coming back for the '07 season? I wish he'd just go away. Not because he's a Giant, but because he's Bonds.

Also, I'm glad to hear there are other guys out there who are old (I, too, am 30) and married (I'm going on 9 years) have kids (I've got three) and a minivan (I've got a Caravan) and still listen to cool music and go to shows. Doug calls me the elder statesman of indie and that makes me feel older. I really don't go to many shows because I feel like I'm too old to. I really wanted to see The Thermals in August at Kilby but I shamed myself out of it.

I'm glad to see you listed The National on your favorite bands. What do you think of the Cherry Tree EP? I've loved Alligator from the day it was released but haven't gotten into their previous two albums. But I recently started listening to Cherry Tree and I'm hooked. What do you think, specifically, of "Reasonable Man"? I can't stop listening to it. It's so bizarre and interesting and unlike any other National song. The other song I really love is "Cherry Tree." That whole "Loose lips sinks ships" line kills me.

I just put it together that you're Kate's brother. I worked with Kate (and Doug and Christina) at the library. She's cool. I saw her at The Killers and The Shins shows last year. It was weird. I mean, Kate's not weird, but it made me feel super old, you know? I was there at this concert with my wife and I see this kid I know from work. It was around that time I swore off shows altogether.

You're right--I think Doug is getting a kick out of this. He emailed me yesterday and said he was going to set you and me up on a date at Kilby; I'd wear a red scarf and you'd wear a jaunty hat (whatever the hell a jaunty hat is) so we'd recognize each other. I tell you he's squirrelly.

upto12 said...

Don't know much about the Cherry Tree EP (the shame), but I love Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers and the self-titled album is growing on me. Alligator's a mind-blower.

As for the Giants, a few months ago Bill Simmons made a great point that explained my feelings exactly. If I admit that Bonds is the piece of crap that he really is... then I've got to erase every good Giants memory I have from the last 10 years. That's painful. I wish he would just go away. Then again, when I think of the disappearance of Sammy Sosa I kind of get freaked out. Where is he? What happened to him? Has beisbol not been berry berry good to heem anymore?