17 October 2006

Missing: Milk Carton

The free world is experiencing EZ Archive technical difficulties as the file hosting service transitions to version 3.0 — but, after some finger crossing, I uploaded my first video and it's here for your downloading enjoyment.

To celebrate my first official video post, I picked one of the all-time greats. Seriously. You can watch the (suprising high-quality) YouTube version here. Or click the link below to download the video in all of its iPod-format glory.

Coffee & TV - Blur - mp4

To satisfy all your music video cravings, be sure to visit the fantastic SHOTS RING OUT.

1 comment:

Dainon said...

I don't know how I never heard that song (or saw the almost better accompanying music video), but thanks for bringing both to my attention. It made my red potato ears tingle with giddiness.