11 October 2006

Whitney. Meet Barry.

Aside from being the two creepiest looking people I could find on Google Images tonight, Whitney Houston and Barry Manilow had a strange collision in my psyche this afternoon.

I had to buy a Barry Manilow song on iTunes. Had to. No free will involved. It was required. Without spilling too many incriminating details I'll just say that I had to rough out a slideshow. And the song was already chosen. Without my input. I swear it. Barry Manilow. Seriously. Barry. Manilow.

This is where Whitney comes into the picture. She sang it so long ago I had nearly forgotten the line: "They can't take away my dignity." Well, she was wrong. Dead wrong. They can take it away. They can reimburse me the 99¢ subtracted from my iTunes account. But they can never give back my dignity. They just can't.


kate said...

ah. i noticed you listened to a barry tune this afternoon and was going to question but thought it best not to. you know, just in case it was just another tier in this fragile "i'm 40" thing you've been doing lately.

kate said...

was that rude? i'm sorry if that was rude.

Dainon said...

Barry owns you.