09 October 2006

One of the Best Ideas I've Ever Had

I'm proud to say that getting Creent to swim through a construction puddle was my idea. Dainon says it's the best idea I've probably ever had. Considering my recent state of idea-less-ness, I might have to agree.
At any rate, he had to be bribed (final tally included $50, a lunch IOU, a big bag of Peanut M&Ms and the promise of a personal check to be delivered "later"), but Creent came through in the clutch. See for yourself.

Farr made the edits and chose the music. Brilliant work, Fahh.


Dainon said...

He did choose the music, but I gave him the 15 songs or so to choose from. Lest there be any mistake, right?

kyality said...

Why is the clintern so into this? Was it the 50 bones or the fact that he's totally been waiting for the chance to walk around with his shirt off?

Elisabeth said...

I just dropped by and liked this video. How free to let yourself go like that. Video/music was great!

Obvious Expert said...

No T-shirt prison can hold this body.